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Monday, November 9, 2009


That's how it all started back in 1998 ... four little words I shared with my husband that launched my creative passion and 11+ years of wonderful adventures and friendships. My daughter Tori says the only two words she dreads more than "I Have an Idea" are "Estate Sale"! (Where did I go wrong with this child?)

This afternoon, I spent a few hours planning the next two months of special events with Mon Ami's decorator-in-residence, Diane Archer (aka "The Starfish Girl"), who was there in the beginning when we first opened our doors, and we laughed and reminisced about how many Fabulous Ideas we've brought to life and shared with our friends in the ensuing years. This weekend, we hosted our 12th Annual Holiday Open House and shared our love for creating beautiful havens with many old and new friends who stopped by to share in the festivities.

Can't wait to share with you what's happening next! Wishing you Grace and Plenty, Cindy


  1. I think that Gene and Ken should start a support group. Ken starts to turn green when I say things like "you know what would be cool?" He knows that I'm going to sketch something and he's going to be getting out the tools!

    Your little idea has really turned into a wonderful sanctuary. One of my most favorite places to sit and enjoy a cup of tea!

  2. Thank you, Wren! And thanks for being my very first "blog follower"! I love what you're doing at The Wren's Nest and wish you wonderful success. Just got your newsletter and it looks fabulous!

  3. Mom! You talked about me in your first blog! Love the pictures. Can't wait to come home for Thanksgiving!

    p.s. Way to go! ;)

  4. p.p.s. I'll admit it - I cringed a little at the title. My first thought was definite "Oh no - what now?" (I'm sure whatever is would be wonderful...)